Storm Services

    Storm Damage Tree Service in Indianapolis Indiana

    Unfortunately as beautiful as trees can be, they are equally dangerous and prone to significant damage in strong storms, wind, and ice.  These weather conditions can cause trees to split, uproot, and lose large branches.  Further, storm tree damage can also impact properties such as roofs, siding, and vehicles. etc.  We are the tree service experts Indianapolis Indiana trusts to care for their trees, we are also the tree service company in Indianapolis that is the most responsive during these challenging situations. Call the best tree service in the area when you absolutely, positively need storm tree damage taken care of professionally and affordably.

    Storm Damage Tree Removals

    Most often when trees are significantly damaged by strong storms, ice or wind, the tree must be removed.   If not removed, such large-scale damage will likely end up killing the tree, or minimally, causing the tree to look unappealing. Further, tree damage that has impacted property, such as home and cars, should always be removed as to prevent future damage.
    Removing a storm-damaged tree is not unlike our normal tree removal service.  However, if that tree is leaning towards property structures or power lines, the task of removing it is more complicated.  Damaged trees are inherently unstable and as it is removed, that instability is heightened.  Further, the danger of the tree cutters is also increased as the tree can sometimes break in unexpected ways.   As a property owner, never deal with a large mature tree that is damaged.  This type of work should be left to the professionals who are skilled, licensed and insured.

    Storm Damage Tree Trimming

    Not all storm damaged trees need to be removed.  If the damage was only moderate and didn’t affect the tree’s appearance and structure, it can likely just be trimmed.  In these cases, our trained arborists can be removed broken limbs and other tree debris caused by the storm, returning your tree to a pre-storm condition.  Again, this work is not for the average property owner when it comes to larger, more mature trees.  Tree branches can be very heavy so specialized skill and equipment are necessary to trim larger trees.

    Tree Damage Impacting Property

    Emergency tree removal from your property, such as a roof, can be hazardous to both the property itself and our team members.   A tree or larger branch falling onto a roof can be very serious.   In addition to the roof damage, the tree itself creates a safety concern.
    Indianapolis Tree Experts is experienced and well-equipped to deal with these types of tree situations.

    Emergency Tree Storm Damage Response

    Contact us for 24/7 emergency storm damage tree experts in Indianapolis Indiana.  Call today 317-247-1399