Stump Removal

    Tree Stump Removal Services in Indianapolis Indiana

    After a tree has been removed, you may want to get rid of the stump.  If you do, you will need an affordable tree stump removal service in Indianapolis Indiana that has the equipment to perform tree stump grinding and removal services.

    Stump Grinding or Removal?

    ​Stump Removal Involves:

    • Completely removing the stump and surface roots;
    • Use of a backhoe to dig up the stump and large surface roots; and
    • Will likely require backfill soil to fill in the hole where the tree stump was removed.

    Stump Grinding Involves:.

    • Utilizing a specialized tree stump grinder.
    • The grinding process creates a lot of wood chips that can either be removed and recycled or as mulch in your landscape.

    Pro & Cons of Stump Removal:

    • Completely eliminates all surface roots and the entire stump from your property making foundation work possible;
    • Likely will require backfill to fill in the hole left by the tree stump;
    • Can cause damage to nearby landscaping; and,
    • More expensive than stump grinding.

    Pros & Cons of Stump Grinding:

    • Most cost-effective method of eliminating a stump, generally costing between $100 – $300, depending on the stump size;
    • The least intrusive method for stump elimination; and
    • Creates a lot of wood chips that have to be removed or otherwise recycled;

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